• Session 2 Chair & Speaker: Miles Beale
    Miles Beale Chief Executive

    Email: miles@wsta.co.uk

  • Simon Stannard Director of Policy

    Email: simon@wsta.co.uk

  • David Richardson Regulatory & Commercial Affairs Director

    Email: david@wsta.co.uk

  • Gemma Keyes Director of Operations

    Email: gemma@wsta.co.uk

  • Lucy Panton Director of Communication

    Email: lucy@wsta.co.uk

  • Jennifer Turner Head of Technical Policy

    Email: jennifer@wsta.co.uk

  • Kelly Moss Head of Compliance

    Email: kelly@wsta.co.uk

  • Rob Ivory Head of External Trade

    Email: rob@wsta.co.uk

  • Rebekah Kendrick Head of Government Affairs

    Email: rebekah@wsta.co.uk

  • Jessica Parker Head of Membership & Events

    Email: jessica@wsta.co.uk

  • Davina Kortright Head of Research & Insights

    Email: davina@wsta.co.uk

  • Freddie Joosten Environment Policy Manager

    Email: freddie@wsta.co.uk

  • Samantha Ferreira Cardoso Executive Assistant & Events Manager

    Email: samantha@wsta.co.uk

  • Sophie Morris Policy & Parliamentary Affairs Officer

    Email: sophie@wsta.co.uk

  • Sureen Anand Communication Officer

    Email: sureen@wsta.co.uk