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The WSTA has the largest and broadest membership base of any trade association in our sector; multi-channel, multi-category, national and international, start-ups through to global brands.

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15Sep | 2021
WSTA Industry Summit 2021

Save the date!   **15-16 September 2021**

15Apr | 2021
Webinar: Labelling in partnership with the British Soft Drinks Association

Soft drinks and low/no alcoholic drinks are subject to all the mandatory labelling requirements under...

14Apr | 2021
Webinar: One Step Beyond. Consumer.Innovation.Technology

The One Step Beyond initiative, introduced last year in a joint partnership between The Buyer...

16Mar | 2021
Webinar: Organics

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, the UK no longer has access to the...

04Mar | 2021
Webinar: UK Export Finance

UK Export Finance (UKEF) is the UK’s export credit agency. UKEF support UK exporters (from...

18Feb | 2021
Webinar: Trade 21 Movement of Wine

The WSTA will be holding a webinar for wine companies on Trade 21 issues, including...

09Dec | 2020
Webinar: VI-1 Export Session

The WSTA is holding a webinar on Wednesday 9 December to support businesses in exporting...

02Dec | 2020
Webinar: Essential Preparations for 1 January trading

Hosted by WSTA Chair, Michael Saunders (CEO, Bibendum), WSTA Board member, Lizzy Rudd (Chair, BBR),...

25Nov | 2020
Webinar: End of Transition Preparedness

1 January 2021 marks the end of the Transition Period for the UK’s withdrawal from...

20Oct | 2020
Webinar: One Step Beyond

Adaptation and Adjustment through Technology and Innovation, and how to reach the ‘New’ Consumer  ...

13Oct | 2020
Webinar: Export and Market Briefing with Industry Experts Live from Tokyo

The WSTA and DIT Tokyo working in partnership with local industry experts, are inviting you...

30Sep | 2020
Webinar: Online age verification technology providers showcase

Members are aware that the use of online age verification is growing when purchasing age...

23Sep | 2020
Webinar: Exporting to the USA in partnership with DIT & Park Street US

The WSTA and DIT working in partnership with Park Street US, are inviting you to...

15Sep | 2020
WSTA Industry Summit 2020

Sponsored by Beyond the Foreseeable   For the this year’s digital programme, including the full...

29Jul | 2020
Webinar: Cross Border Processes & post-Transition Movements

What do you think trading conditions will look like in January 2021 and beyond?  ...

21Jul | 2020
Webinar: WSTA Streamlining international trade processes Workshop

The WSTA has been working with HMRC, academics and industry to contribute to developing a...

15Jul | 2020
Webinar: WSTA & Nielsen UK Lockdown Data & Insights webinar

Since the forced closure of the on trade in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many...

01Jul | 2020
Webinar: Post-Brexit Trading for fine Wine Merchants #2

The WSTA is hosting its second event solely for fine wine businesses. It follows the...

05Jun | 2020
On-Demand Webinar: Coronavirus back to work

If you are a WSTA member, you will be able to access the full recording...

10Jun | 2020
Webinar: Live Q+A Workshop on post-Brexit labelling requirements

The WSTA has recently noticed increased interest from member companies enquiring about post-Brexit labelling requirements....

03Jun | 2020
Webinar: Implications of a DRS in Scot & Eng

As Scotland has now passed legislation for the introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme in July 2022, and...

20May | 2020
Webinar: Post-Brexit for Independent Merchants

However you and your business is dealing with the impact of COVID-19, the WSTA is...

06May | 2020
Webinar: Brexit ‘Trade-21’ Webinar

Trade-21 = the WSTA’s new alias for ‘Brexit’    Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit UK shores, Brexit has meandered...

28Apr | 2020
Webinar: Incoterms post-Brexit workshop

EXW? DAP? FAS? FOB?   Until the end of this year, movement to and from...

26Mar | 2020
COVID-19: Q+A Webinar

Every other Thursday at 11am – registration required In such a fast changing environment keeping on...

22Jan | 2020
Global trading Post-Brexit for Fine Wine Merchants

Possible implications – and opportunities – for post-Brexit Fine Wine Merchants   The Fine Wine market...

04Mar | 2020
2020 – One Step Beyond

The Buyer and Jump Start, in association with the WSTA, are organising a 1-day conference...

18Oct | 2019
WSTA Brexit Preparedness Seminar

Understanding how to import and export alcohol post-Brexit   This event is now sold out!...

18Sep | 2019
WSTA Industry Summit 2019

The WSTA Annual Conference is now…   The WSTA Industry Summit #InSum19   Headline Sponsor ...

23Apr | 2019
WSTA Compliance & Fraud Seminar 2019

Whether we are pre- or post-Brexit, compliance and fraud should always be high on every...

17Sep | 2018
WSTA Annual Conference 2018

Business as un-usual?   Plus, the panel will take on The Evolution of ‘The Buyer’  ...

We have the largest and broadest membership base of any trade association in our sector;

multi-channel, multi-category, national and international, start-ups through to global brands, the full length of the supply chain. We therefore have a better understanding and are able to represent more of the industry.

With former Cabinet office, Defra, HMRC and Fleet Street staff working at the WSTA, we have good, established communications with and contacts in Government, in Parliament and in the media.

Some of our services include:

Discounted services

Have a voice with the government

Participate in our committees and events