WSTA response to Government report on labelling

15 February 2010

WSTA response to Government report on labelling.

Responding to the publication today of a survey of industry compliance with a voluntary agreement for inclusion of sensible drinking messages on alcohol product labels, WSTA Chief Executive Jeremy Beadles said:

"There is no doubt that the figures from the Campden survey are disappointing but they are also rather surprising given our own research conducted more recently.

"We have analysed* three times as many products at two major supermarket outlets and they show significantly higher levels of compliance with all 5 elements of the labelling scheme. Over 50% of our sample is using the Pregnancy logo for example.

"What's more in the last few months several major companies have signed up to the voluntary scheme. 

"We urge all companies in the sector to do this voluntarily. It is clearly in their interests to do this rather than face further labelling legislation."


Notes to Editors:

*WSTA Survey*, July 2009

" 2 major supermarkets
" 1,543 products
" Sample covered full product range - beers, wines, ciders, spirits, RTDs, aperitifs etc
" Retail staff surveyed under WSTA supervision
" Survey shows:
o Over 50% compliance on 4 out of 5 elements - Pregnancy (55.8%, Total Units per container (62.7%), Sensible Drinking Messages (57.7%) and Drinkaware (52%)
o Over 30% compliance on all 5 elements

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