British Wine & Made Wine Producers
CLaM- Customs, Logistics and Movements
Data & Distance Selling Panel
Domestic Producers (Exec Committee)

Current Chairman: Mark Riley (Edrington UK) & Tamara Roberts (Ridgeview) See details

English Wine Producers
Environment Working Group
Export Promotion Working Group
Fine Wine Working Group
Fraud Working Group
Imported Wine & Spirits (Exec Committee)

Current Chairman: Brad Madigan (Campari) See details

Insights Lab
Logistics Group
NoLo Working Group
Public Affairs Network
Retail of Alcohol Standards Group
Spirits Committee
Supply Chain (Exec Committee)

Current Chairman: Pierpaolo Petrassi (Waitrose) See details

Wine Importers Panel
Wine Labelling Working Group
WSTC – Wine and Spirit Technical Committee

Current Chairman: Ian Rogerson (Co-op) See details

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