Retail of Alcohol Standards Group

Retail of Alcohol Standards Group

The Retail of Alcohol Standards Group primarily focuses on work around preventing underage drinking, as well as promoting high standards among alcohol retailers.

Key Issues:

RASG was established in 2005 by national retailers in an effort to eradicate sales of alcohol to minors. The group serves as a forum to share best practice and develop new policies in relation to responsible retailing. Their work focuses on:

  • ┬ádriving down underage alcohol sales, primarily through the Challenge 25 Scheme;
  • addressing underage drinking through Community Alcohol Partnerships
  • promoting high standards among alcohol retailers through its Guidance for the Responsible Retailing of Alcohol.

RASG have published guidance on the responsible retail of alcohol in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The guidance establishes a high level of standards for retailers to operate to. It includes best practice and case studies and covers all aspects of alcohol retailing, including the legal and self-regulatory frameworks in which retailers operate, as well as voluntary measures they have agreed to undertake, and is available here.

RASG have developed animation and guidance to help retailers tackle the proxy purchasing of alcohol informing retailers of the signs that indicate proxy purchasing may be taking place at their store. Guidance also provides retailers with best practice suggestions for preventing proxy sales and details some common scenarios where proxy sales could occur.

Current Chairman: Hardish Purewal, Tesco Stores Ltd