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Wines of Argentina

In 1993, the Argentine Winemaking Association created the antecedent to today's organization: “Argentine Top Wines,” an association formed by little more than a dozen exporting wineries producing wines that were prestigious at home and were starting to earn some recognition abroad.

Two years later, in 1995, an “Agreement for the Promotion of Fine Argentine Wines Abroad” was signed by the Federal and the Provincial Governments (including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fundación Exportar, Pro Mendoza and Promex, of the Ministry of Agriculture), as well as by the exporting wineries of Argentina.

It was decided that a country brand would be used by this industry for promotional purposes at international events and fairs. That is how Wines of Argentina was born.

WofA's first PR and Press office opened in the UK in 1998, and in that year the first Annual Tasting was held in London with the participation of 35 wineries under the sponsorship of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Fundación Exportar.

In 1999 a Special Fund was created for the promotion of Argentine wines in the UK and USA markets.

In 2002 a first seminar and workshop was organized by WofA with the purpose of defining the new profile of the organization and identifying the necessary resources to reach its objectives.

One year later, a study was carried out to define the attributes of the Argentina brand and the positioning of our wines abroad. As a result of this, a new institutional image was designed in 1999 and a first advertising campaign was launched in the USA, England and Brasil.

Today Wines of Argentina is present in 50 countries and more than 72 cities all over the world through different actions. That is why the aim for the near future is to keep on building the Argentina brand in the wine market by means of communication actions, training, spread of knowledge and a constant search for excellence in the promotion of Argentine wines.