Social Responsibility Policy

The industry’s commitments as part of the Public Health Responsibility Deal builds on the significant amount of work the industry already does to encourage responsible alcohol consumption and tackle alcohol-related issues. Although overall alcohol consumption and binge drinking in the UK has fallen, the harms from alcohol remain too high. Industry will continue to playing its part in tackling this. 

Industry initiatives to tackle under-age sales

The alcohol pledges set out in the Responsibility Deal confirm the industry’s ongoing support for the Challenge 25 initiative and Community Alcohol Partnerships. Both of these schemes have been at the forefront of the WSTA’s social responsibility work in recent years, to tackle underage sales.

Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAPs), developed by retailers and coordinated by the WSTA, aim to tackle the problems caused by underage access to alcohol. This is achieved through co-operation between alcohol retailers and local stakeholders, such as trading standards, police, local authority licensing teams, schools and health networks. There are over 30 CAPs in operation and we want to further expand the role and scope of CAPs.

Challenge 25 is a retailing strategy developed by the industry  that encourages anyone who is over 18 but looks under 25 to carry acceptable ID (a card bearing the PASS hologram, a photographic driving license or a passport) if they wish to buy alcohol. Companies have invested large amounts in educating and training employees and young people are more aware than ever of the need to carry proof of age.  It has proved to be an effective tool to tackle underage purchases. If you would like to know more about CAPs and Challenge 25 schemes, please see the Social Responsibility pages.

Promoting social responsibility internationally

To complement our national-level work on social responsibility, we also promote international initiatives which encourage responsible consumption.The WSTA supports the Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins (CEEV) - the representative body of the European wine industry -  ‘Wine in Moderation’ (WIM) programme.This is an EU-wide initiative to encourage responsible wine consumption and is considered to be amongst the best of its kind in Europe.The WSTA contributes to CEEV’s annual submission on the WIM programme to the European Commission’s Alcohol and Health Forum.  Find out more information on the WIM programme.

We also support the European Spirit Organisation (CEPS) Roadmap 2015, a commitment by the European spirit industry to produce, market and sell spirits responsibly. It includes commitments to put responsible drinking messages on labels and implementing education campaigns. This builds on the success of the CEPS Charter for Responsible Alcohol Consumption, launched in 2005, which sets out seven commitments to encourage responsible consumption. Find out more about the CEPS Charter for Responsible Alcohol Consumption.

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