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UK Customs Clearances - HMRC monthly bulletin

Each month, HMRC publish an alcohol duties bulletin which shows totals clearances of alcohol in the UK. Clerances represent the total amount of alcohol which is 'released for consumption' or in others alcohol on which tax (UK excise duty) has been paid.

The full data is available from the UK Trade Info website.

Taxation - UK Excise Duty

Rates per bottle from 1 February 2019 (excluding VAT @ 20%)

(Figures are approximate due to rounding up - effective from 01.02.2019)

Wine £2.23 per 75cl
Sparkling Wine
Exceeding 5.5% but not exceeding 8.5% abv
£2.16 per 75cl
Sparkling Wine
Exceeding 8.5% but not exceeding 15% abv
£2.86 per 75cl
Fortified Wines £2.98 per 75cl
Spirits (37.5% abv) £7.54 per 70cl
Spirit based RTDs (5.5%) £0.42 per 27.5cl
Cider/Perry From 1.2%, not exceeding 6.9% abv £0.23 per pint
Cider/Perry Between 6.9 to 7.5% abv £0.29 per pint
Beer (4%) £0.43 per pint


Rates per 100 litres (HL) from 1 February 2019

(Set by the October 2018 Budget - effective from 01.02.2019)

Wine   £297.57 per HL
Sparkling Wine
Exceeding 5.5%, not exceeding 8.5% abv
 £288.10 per HL
Sparkling Wine
Exceeding 8.5%, not exceeding 15% abv
 £381.15 per HL
Fortified Wines
Exceeding 15%, not exceeding 22% abv
 £396.72 per HL
Spirits and spirit-based RTDs  £28.74 per litre of pure alcohol
Still Cider/Perry From 1.2%, not exceeding 6.9% abv  £40.38 per HL
Still Cider/Perry Between 6.9%, to 7.5% abv  £50.71 per HL
Beer  £19.08 for every 1% of strength per HL


Previous ratesClick here to download UK excise duty rates from 2000 to 2019

European Union: Excise duty rates in EU member states

EU Customs Duty

If alcohol is imported into the UK from outside the European Union, Customs duty may also have to paid in addition to excise duty.

Click here to access Customs duty rates on the UK Trade Info website (you will need the relevant commodity code to calculate the rates)


VAT is charged on the total of the value of the goods plus all payable duties (i.e. Excise duty and also customs duty if the latter is payable). For example, if a 75cl bottle of wine is imported from another EU member state at £5.00, the VAT will be calculated as follows: 20% x (£5.00+£2.00) = £1.40

For further details, visit the HMRC website

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