Campaign Cocktails for Candidates

On the eve of the General Election the Wine and Spirit Trade Association have revealed a special Campaign Cocktails menu featuring one cocktail for each political party leader.

True Blue G&T – An uncomplicated and unmistakably British classic. Using some traditional old school quality gin, with a modern tonic mixer, a served with a spoon of Conservative blue Blueberries. Popular, but not to everyone’s liking.

The Corbyn Libre – A take on the leftist South American classic, but made with English rum, keeping the spirit of revolution but crafted in a trendy East London distillery. Mixed with some plain and sobering club soda and a sprig of home grown mint from an Islington allotment. Garnished with a Labour red cherry.

The Smoking Sturgeon – This unmistakably Scottish cocktail is made with a traditional smoky scotch whisky, mixed with a fiery and generous helping of ginger ale and topped with a SNP yellow Lemon Peel. Liked across the UK but happy just staying in Scotland.

The Yellow Peril – A twist on the “velvet hammer” cocktail, seemingly soft on the outside but with a hard interior. Made with a happy marriage of Lib Dem Orange Liquor, a liberal splash of milk and served with a twisty straw - to help it face a number of ways at once.

The Green Bellini - Made with biodynamic English sparkling wine, which, much like the Green Party is grown in the south and punching above its weight, but still a small player overall. Mixed with sustainably produced local apple juice and garnished with organic green apple peel.

The Cymru Sour - A take on the traditional sour, made with citrusy Welsh Whisky, a spirit that, like Plaid Cymru, is young and mixing things up in Wales. Mixed with egg white, a little sugar and lemon juice to make it sweet yet sharp. Garnished green and yellow with lemon and lime peel.

The UKIP Punch – A boozy and no-nonsense British cocktail made with a splash of British gin and classic gin summer cup. Mixed with lemonade and served with deep purple blackberries and a slice of yellow lemon. Not to everyone’s liking and hard to see its purpose when summer has gone.



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