WSTA comment – UK Government response to the Alcohol Strategy Consultation

prpicconfResponding to the UK Government’s response to its Alcohol Strategy consultation, WSTA Chief Executive Miles Beale said:

“We welcome the Government’s recognition of the industry’s positive contribution to encouraging responsible drinking through the Public Health Responsibility Deal. It is only by working in partnership with industry that alcohol misuse in the UK can be tackled effectively. Pledges such as removing 1 billion units from the UK alcohol market are testament to this approach and to the industry's commitment.”

- Minimum Unit Pricing:

“We remain opposed to Minimum Unit Pricing. We agree that there is insufficient evidence to support the introduction of minimum unit pricing. It would unfairly penalise the majority of responsible consumers while doing little to tackle the root causes of alcohol misuse.”

- Multi-buy restrictions:

“We are pleased that the Government has also considered the evidence on multi-buy promotions and will now not proceed with these restrictions, which would have adversely affected millions of consumers and businesses, while doing nothing to tackle problem drinkers.”

- Banning below cost sales:

“We support the introduction of a ban on below cost sales at the level of duty + VAT. We have maintained for some time that this will deal with the worst cases of deeply discounted alcohol without impacting on the majority of responsible drinkers.”

- Next steps:

“Now that the consultation is complete we look forward to working in partnership with Government and others, including the health community, on solutions that are proven and effective in tackling alcohol misuse - such as Community Alcohol Partnerships and better education and information campaigns.”


Notes to Editors:

The WSTA is the UK organisation for the wine and spirit industry representing over 340 companies producing, importing, transporting and selling wines and spirits. We campaign to promote the industry’s interests with governments at home and abroad. We work with our members to promote the responsible production, marketing and sale of alcohol.

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