WSTA launches new website to help fight fraud

  • New service designed to support the fight against £1.3bn of alcohol related fraud;
  • Website to gather information to help enforcement agencies identify fraud hotspots and trends;
  • WSTA calls on all of the trade to work together to counter alcohol fraud.

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has today launched a new counter-fraud measure that seeks to address the estimated £1.3bn worth of alcohol related fraud in the UK. The new website, which is now live at, allows alcohol producers, distributers and retailers to report suspected fraud through a simple online map. It will allow the WSTA to pass on information about fraud to the authorities confidentially and protects the identity of the person submitting the information. This will help the authorities to identify fraud hot spots and trends.

In order to make the resource a success the WSTA is calling on all members of the trade to work together by reporting any fraudulent activity as soon as they are aware of it. Types of fraud that is anticipated to be reported includes failure to pay duty and counterfeit or illicit alcohol.

Miles Beale, Chief Executive of the WSTA, said:

“Alcohol fraud in the UK damages businesses and consumers and deprives the Treasury of around £1.3bn annually in lost revenue. Yet too often information about incidents of fraud, particularly retail fraud, is insufficient or too fragmented for the authorities to use.

The WSTA takes this issue very seriously because it affects legitimate businesses whose existence is threatened by fraud. This is why we are further enhancing our counter-fraud measures with this bespoke website. It will allow the WSTA to pass on information about fraud to the authorities confidentially and protecting the identity of the person submitting it.

We are urging all members of the trade to come forward to report any fraudulent activity so that together we can better identify alcohol related fraud where it occurs - and to call for a swift response.”

Want to know more? Ask Carlo Gibbs
Carlo Gibbs

Carlo Gibbs - Director of UK Policy & Social Responsibility

Carlo is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the WSTA’s domestic policy work. This includes UK policy development, Government relations, parliamentary engagement in the UK and devolved assemblies, and its wider public affairs program. His remit covers a number of key policy areas including licensing, duty and health. He also leads on the WSTA’s social responsibility work including managing Retail of Alcohol Standards Group and its initiative around responsible retailing, including Challenge 25 and other partnership initiatives aimed at tackling alcohol harm.

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