Member Benefits

Benefits of WSTA membership

For more information please visit our services member benefits area here or call on 020 7089 3877 to discuss joining the WSTA.

You receive regular updates We cover a range of technical, legislative and policy issues, many of which will affect the basis on which you trade with your UK trading partners.Examples include the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme, labelling. Voluntary health particulars and the UK’s relationship with the EU.
You receive regular market reports and summaries These cover the on and off trade sales of wines and spirits, by value and volume.  They also include rankings of the top importing countries and guest analysis from industry experts.
You are able to access our members’ section This provides exclusive access to industry briefings, technical advice, model policy documents and sector guidance.  We also post slides from seminars and events.
You can seek individual advice by telephone or e-mail We regularly advise on a diverse range of issues, including importing, due diligence, labelling, CMO guidelines, licensing questions and issues with HMRC.
You can participate in our committees and events Committees consider a wide range of topics, such as importing, exporting, distance selling, spirits, logistics, technical developments and responsible retailing.As well as providing a valuable forum for gaining insight, these are also a valuable networking opportunityWe hold an annual conference themed around current industry issues and we also have a seminar programme, covering compliance, fraud prevention and technical issues.
You have a voice with government Government has a preference for talking to trade associations rather than a large number of disparate businesses – it’s more efficient.  As a member of the WSTA, you are able to influence and participate in our efforts to ensure that government creates a favourable trading environment.We regularly arrange visits for ministers and MPs and provide the secretariat for an active All Party Parliamentary Wines and Spirits Group.
You can obtain discounted services We have a legal advice line, HR services, access to statistics and a wide range of other consultants, all of whom will give preferential rates to WSTA members.
Your business is more credible HMRC considers that membership of a recognised trade association is something to be taken into account when undertaking due diligence.

For more information please visit our services member benefits area here  or call on 020 7089 3877 to discuss joining the WSTA.