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Just 93 days to go...

The outcome of the next General Election is far from predictable, but one thing is for certain and that is whoever forms the next Government after polling day in 93 days’ time will have a big impact on the wine and spirit industry.

With key policy issues such as taxation, licensing, labelling, and the responsibility agenda all to be looked at and decided on by a new Government, potentially a coalition of two or more parties, we at the WSTA were keen to ensure that political parties were not only made aware of the impact they had on the industry, but also understood what policies they could adopt in order to help us grow, create jobs and further support our consumers.

Last week we therefore published our Election Manifesto outlining a positive policy programme that covers all of the issues on which we work. We will be sending these to the political parties and asking them to support the industry through adopting these policies. Some of the commitments in the manifesto include:

Business and tax - In addition to the 2% cut in duty that we are calling for in our budget campaign (, we are also asking party leaders to visit a distillery and a vineyard during the election campaign. This will give the opportunity to speak to those working in the industry about the problems they face and understand why we are calling for more support. We are also asking the Government to work with the trade on helping to develop qualifications for those that work in the wine or spirit industry and for them to look at introducing a lower duty rate for micro distillers which had such a positive impact when introduced for micro brewers.

Alcohol related harm - The WSTA takes its work around alcohol responsibility very seriously and is a commitment partner with the Government in delivering the Responsibility Deal pledges. Yet too often Government intervention is not targeted on those that misuse alcohol. We are therefore asking for a break in the constant changes to the Licensing Act and asking the Government to focus policies instead on the minority who misuse alcohol. We are also calling for alcohol education to be a feature on the national curriculum and for the Government to protect the safer drinking guidelines that are now on over 80% of labels.

Agriculture and consumer awareness - With the growth of the English wine industry we are looking to highlight the agricultural importance of the sector by asking parties to consider looking at tax incentives for those that invest in vineyards and ensuring that UK vineyards have access to regional development funding to support improvements to the landscape. We are also looking to engage with the Government on the issue of labelling, including calorie labelling, which is currently being considered at EU level.

These are just some of the highlights, the manifesto itself contains many more. If you want to know more about the commitments we are asking for you can find the full manifesto at the following link:

A two page version is available here:

The infographics are available here:

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